Spring Move Out Info


Please review our Online Check Out Guide for a complete checklist on how to move out!

Residence Halls

Apartment and ILC 

Spring Contract Extension Request

If requested and approved, a limited number of students will be allowed to remain in residence starting Friday, June 16th at Noon, through the last extension time by 10:00 am Monday, June 19th.  The following groups may apply for extensions:
1) Seniors participating in graduation ceremonies
2) Summer Session students who have applied for Transitional Housing (see below for more information)
3) International Students (must provide travel itinerary to validate need for extension)
4) College Nine and College Ten Staff members working graduation.

To apply for an extension, please go to studenthousing.ucsc.edu starting Thursday, May 18th to access the "Spring Contract Extension Request".

Deadline to submit is Monday, June 12th!

Swap Meet - Saturday, June 3rd - MPR Lawn (in front of the Dining Hall) from 12PM-3PM 

Trade or donate unwanted items! All left over items will be donated to various services: HOPE Services, and Homeless Services etc.

Donation Stations

We are accepting unopened/unexpired food; household goods, clothing items and any un-used personal care items (please bag before placing in bin). Stations will be located at College Nine dumpsters, College Ten dumpsters, and Apartment dumpsters, ILC Lounge and behind the Dining Hall.

Micro-Fridge Return and Pick Up - Saturday, June 10th 

Bring your DEFROSTED / CLEANED unit to the following location at the SPECIFIED time:

  • College Ten parking lot 114 (closest to McLaughlin Dr.) 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

  • College Nine Circle 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM          

Please look for the large U Haul truck. You can bring your MicroFridge to the location above or come there & ask for assistance with moving it to the pickup point. Please ask a friend/roommate to return your MicroFridge if you are unable to comply with the above schedule as June 6th is the only pickup date at  UCSC.

To Avoid Extra Charges Units MUST Be:

1. Fully Defrosted: Please unplug the unit 48 HOURS PRIOR TO RETURN and leave all 3 doors open. (Do NOT Use any sharp objects to defrost the unit.)

2. Completely Clean & Dry: This includes seals and inside/outside surfaces of the refrigerator, freezer and microwave. There will be a $35 charge if not CLEANED.

3. Return with ALL parts: Ice cube trays, top shelf and bottom shelf, microwave plate and ring. There will be additional charges for MISSING PARTS.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Collegiate Concepts Customer Service Department at 515-597-2303 or email us at:  sales@collegefridge.com.

Spring Transitional Housing

Residents who are enrolled in Summer Session 1, 8-week or 10-week classes and have applied to live in Summer Session Housing may fill out the Transitional Housing Contract for June 20th- June 25th, if they wish to have housing between Spring quarter and Summer session. Residents approved for Spring-Summer Transitional Housing will be allowed to move to their summer session housing assignments starting at 4pm on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017. Please note there is a separate housing rate for transitional housing and a meal plan is not included.

Summer Session is held at Porter College for Summer 2017! The Summer Session Housing contract begins Sunday, June 25th and priority will be given to students who submit a housing application beginning May 1st through May 31st - visit Summer Session Housing for more info! 

24 Hour Quiet Hours begin Thursday night, June 8th 10:00PM to Friday, June 16th for finals week.

Please remember and be courteous to your fellow community members!