College Nine Frosh Seminar

Every college at UCSC has its own distinct core course.  International and Global Issues is the College Nine core course that all first-year students are required to take in the fall quarter. This course satisfies the college graduation requirement for students who have been admitted to UCSC as first-year students.   One of the goals underlying the course is to provide incoming students with a shared learning community.  Because all first-year students take this class, we hope that it becomes a catalyst for exploring ideas together as well as making new friends. When meeting another student from College Nine, you can always get things started by sharing your thoughts about the core course.  

This course along with satisfying the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR), will satisfy the Composition 1 (C1) general education requirement.  Students who are enrolled in CLNI 80B will satisfy the Composition 2 (C2) general education requirement.

International and Global Issues

At College Nine our focus is on international and global perspectives such as economic globalization, human rights, regional conflicts, the environment, and cultural identity. Some of the past topics addressed in the course may have included:

  • globalization defined and how it affects us
  • world hunger and the food supply
  • global inequality
  • migration
  • universal human rights
  • what people can do

Emphasis on Developing Your Writing, Reading, and Oral Presentation Skills

In addition to introducing students to themes of global issues, the core course is designed to help new students develop critical thinking and writing skills. Students will write and revise several papers during the quarter.

Writing is an important component in most professions. Therefore, developing your writing skills will contribute to your success while in college as well as afterwards in your career. We will also offer some workshops designed to strengthen your overall academic skills including time management, studying, reading, note taking, and using the library. Although the core course is only one class, we hope it will become the foundation for your future success here at UCSC.

In addition to writing, effective reading and oral presentation are two other skills that we will try to develop in the course. Some class meetings are devoted to discussing how to assess the most important points that an author makes. Also, students are required to make several oral presentations and participate in class discussions. Our goal is to develop your ability to articulate your ideas in speech as well as writing.

Determining Your Placement in the College Nine Core Course

Your Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) status will help determine which core section you should take.

For more information on Core course placement and selection, please review: New Student Advising Guide - Core Course Selection.

The College Nine score course sections are divided into 5 different writing levels:

  • CLNI 80A-01 to 05: for students who have not satisfied the ELWR, and have writing placement exam scores of 6 or 7
  • CLNI 80A-16 to 22:  for students who have satisfied the ELWR, and who have a writing placement exam score of at least 8
  • CLNI 80B:  for students who have satisfied the Composition 1 (C1) requirement.  CLNI 80B will satisfy the Composition 2 (C2) geneeral education requirement. Limited seats available. 
  • CLNI 80C:  for students who have not satisfied the ELWR, and who have writing placement exam scores below 6.  This is part one of a two quarter class.  These students will enroll in CLNI 80D in the winter quarter.   
  • CLNI 80F: for international students on F-1 visa who have not satisfied ELWR and who have writing placement exam scores below 6.  Students will take CLIN 80F with a Multilingual Curriculum Writing Program course. 

Enrollment for the College Nine core course will begin in late-August.  More information will be emailed to you and discussed at orientation.  In the meantime, please focus on enrollment in your other classes. Please contact a College Nine Adviser at  

Is there a summer assignment for the College Nine Core Course?

We've been receiving this question a lot lately!  College Nine does not have a summer assignment this year.  There will be a reasonble required reading assigned that must be completed by your first class meeting.  More information about your required reading will be provided by the provost during the Fall Welcome Week Program in September (after move-in).

What textbooks are required for the College Nine Core Course?

Below are the required textbooks for the College Nine core course. Please note that the required texts are dependent upon the section in which you enroll. All of these texts are available in the Baytree Bookstore; the "core course reader" is available exclusively at the Baytree Bookstore, as it is a compilation of selected readings from many sources.

Easy Writer, 5th Edition by Andrea A. Lunsford (ISBN 9781457640469)
College Nine Core Course Reader (available at Baytree Bookstore)

Rules for Writers, 7th Edition by Diana Hacker (ISBN 9780312647360)
College Nine Core Course Reader (available at Baytree Bookstore)

No required purchases, instructor will provide readings in class