Community Programs Assistant Job Description

Community Programs Assistants are part of the College Nine and College Ten Programs & Activities Team and work under the general supervision of the College Programs Coordinator. The Programs & Activities staff plans and produces community-wide programming at College Nine and College Ten (College Nights, Dances, etc.), and works collaboratively with other college units, staff at other colleges, departments, and student organizations. The Programs & Activities staff is also primarily responsible for campus-wide programs at College Nine and College Ten, including Welcome Week and the College Nine and College Ten Commencement Ceremonies.


Please refer to the online job description from the Career Center's Employee Request System for more details. Search for ER# 0410 under either work-study or non work-study.


Examples of Duties

  • CPAs are responsible for organizing programs according to the activities office programming model. Typically the programs office will produce 7-10 programs per quarter. These include College Nights, programs related to college themes, and collaborative programs with other college units and campus groups.

  • CPAs work an average of 10-12 hours per week as arranged with the ACPC. These hours include office hours, program staffing, and team meetings. Please note that during Fall Training, Welcome Week and commencement season, CPAs will be expected to work more than 10-12 hours a week.

  • CPA office duties include general administrative, organizational, and office management duties as assigned in addition to program planning and implementation. CPAs must participate in spring and fall student leader training, Welcome Week, College Nights, Leadership Information Sessions, commencement ceremonies and other programs as assigned.




The CPA position is classified at the SA III rate. Selected applicants will receive hourly compensation based on the SAIII rate (2018: $11.50/hour). For more information, please check this job posting at the Career Center website.


Employment Period

The employment period begins in Spring Quarter with mandatory trainings and Commencement.

The employment period resumes in late August or early September for the beginning of Fall Training and ends after Commencement in June.

Employment is contingent on student’s academic and judicial standing. Re-appointment is not automatic.


Important Dates for CPAs

  • Spring Training - TBD, Late April or May
  • Commencement, June 17, 2018 - this is the Sunday after the end of finals.
  • Fall Training - TBD, early September (before New Student Move-In)
*These dates are subject to change.



Academic Requirements

  • Must be a UCSC student with a minimum of one (1) quarter of experience.

  • Must remain in good academic standing throughout the period of employment.

  • Must maintain a full academic course load during the employment period.

  • May not enroll in more than 17 units per quarter.


Judicial Standing

  • Must be in good judicial standing and not have any outstanding judicial issues.

  • Must maintain good judicial standing through the entire employment period.


Other Employment and Activities

  • CPA visibility and participation in the College Nine and College Ten community is an important part of the CPA role. Outside activities should not exceed 10 hours per week without prior approval from the College Programs Coordinator (CPC).

  • CPAs may not hold any major leadership roles in campus organizations, assistantships, internships or part-time jobs without prior approval from the CPC.


Administrative Information

  • CPAs must be accessible by phone and email. Voicemail and emails need to be checked on a daily basis.


Selection Criteria

Leadership Expectations

  • Positive role models

  • Team players and leaders

  • Willing to grow and learn from experiences

  • Respectful of other people’s perspectives

  • Respectful of other people’s race, culture, religion, national origin, gender, experience, age, sexual orientation, ability, political choice and individuality

  • Committed to developing programs based on the themes of Social Justice & Community and International & Global Perspectives

  • Effective communication and listening skills

  • Some experience with planning programs and activities

  • Dependable

  • Flexible

  • Motivated


Administrative Expectations

  • Effective time management skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally

  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks

  • Promptness and dependability

  • Ability to follow oral or written directions

  • Work independently to meet established deadlines and expectations

  • Basic office skills: computers and applications, copiers, fax, etc.