Posting Policy

College Nine & College Ten Public Posting Policy

Public Access Posting: Flyers


Flyers must:
1. Clearly indicate sponsor and contact information for event
2. Include removal date and/or the date of the event
3. Be left for a maximum of 14 days
4. Not cover up another existing posting
5. Be no bigger than 8.5” x 11”
6. Not be posted on residential entry doors
All flyers that comply with UCSC policy and the above guidelines do not need to be pre-approved and can be directly posted by any individual at the locations listed below. Any postings found in violation of these guidelines will be removed.

Public Bulletin Board Locations for FLYERS:
1. Bulletin Board on the right side of the Community Room entry doors
2. Wooden Phone kiosks (outside, next to the College Nine Residence Halls and College Ten Residence Halls)
3. SS1, SS2 Bulletin Boards in the foyers / hallways
4. College Nine and College Ten Mailroom Bulletin Boards
5. Lower portion of Wooden posting area in front of College Nine/Ten Dining Hall (not interfering with the glass case).

In addition, you may bring your flyer to our offices to be posted as follows:
1. Four flyers to the Activities Office flyer drop-box. Activites staff will post these in the Recreation Lounge and mailrooms.
2. 35 flyers to the Res Life office. They will be give to the College Nine and College Ten RAs to post in Residence Halls.
Note that posting flyers in the Residence Halls by anyone other than RAs is NOT allowed

Public Access Posting: Banners


1. Banners must be brought to the Activities Office (Rec Lounge) for approval on a space-available basis. Once it has been stamped as “approved for posting” you can post it in one of the approved locations listed below. Please supply your own blue tape.
2. Banners may be no bigger than 3’ x 4’.
3. Outside groups are limited to one banner per College per event.
4. Banners must clearly indicate the following:
a. Sponsor and contact/disability information for the event.
b. Removal date and/or date of event.
5. Banners may be posted for a maximum of 5 days

Public Posting Locations for Banners:
1. On the railing in front of the Community Room
2. On the railing in front of Namaste Lounge (the side parallel to McLaughlin Dr.)
3. On the railing on the McLaughlin side of the Terry Freitas Cafe.
4. On the railing outside of the Dining Hall