Welcome to College Nine

Dear New College Nine Student:

As provost of College Nine, let me be one of the first to congratulate you on your admission to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and to welcome you to College Nine.  Founded in 2000, our intellectual theme is "International and Global Perspectives."  Many of our educational, social, and cultural programs reflect this dynamic theme.  By recognizing the importance of global issues, the frosh seminar, "International and Global Issues," serves as an introduction to our college's theme.  This core course also helps students develop critical thinking and writing skills.  Our student body represents the full array of majors that are available at UCSC including those in the natural sciences, humanities, arts, engineering, and social sciences.  As a College Nine student, you will have many exciting opportunities to enhance your undergraduate experience through classes and programs such as the Study Abroad Program, Alternative Spring Break, Student Senate, International Living Center, and many others.

In preparation for the fall quarter, frosh and transfer students are invited and encouraged to attend the UCSC Slug Orientation Program in July.  (Our international exchange students will have an opportunity to attend our comprehensive fall orientation program that includes academic advising, college, and campus orientations.)  Summer Orientation is designed to help students enroll in classes by learning about their degree requirements from their college adviser and to meet with major advisers to learn about program requirements.  You will also have an opportunity to take a tour of the campus and to learn about campus resources such as Learning Support Services, safety resources, the Student Health Center, Financial Aid Office, Housing Offices, Career Center, and more.  You will also get a chance to meet other new students who will be joining College Nine.

Whether you are a first-year student, transfer student, or campus visitor, I encourage you to get involved in the college experience, and not to hesitate to ask for assistance or information from any of our wonderful staff.  You will discover that there is a lot to learn about academic policies, resources, and UCSC in general.  Finally, be sure to begin using your assigned UCSC Google email account as this is used exclusively by the campus.  I look forward to meeting you in the coming year.


Associate Professor Flora Lu

Flora Lu

New Frosh (First-year student)
New Transfer Student
New Visitor (International Exchange, Intercampus visitor, etc.)