HOPE Benefit Concert

The mission of the Annual HOPE International Spring Music Festival is to raise awareness about international social justice issues through music, speakers, spoken word, art, tabling and other opportunities to engage with College Nine's theme. The HOPE planning committee, comprised of student leaders in College Nine and College Ten begin their work in Spring Quarter planning for the Annual Fall festival. 

There's lots of room for students to contribute their creative ideas for awareness, arts, music and more -- join us in planning next year's benefit concert and make your mark! We are currently looking for students to help plan next year's concert!

Contact Erin Ramsden at eramsden@ucsc.edu for more information. 

Previous year's performances:

2016 Theme: Changing the Climate on Environmental Racsism 

Band: Climbing Poetree and Tatu Vision 

2015 Theme: Reproductive Justice in the Yucatan Peninsula

Band: La Chamba and Gina Rene 

2014 Theme: Typhoon Haiyan relief for the Philippines 

Band: Bandung 55 and Power Struggle, also including student performances by Isang Himig acapella and People of the Islands dance troupe. 

2013 Theme: Afro-Brazilian Arts Movement and Youth Empowerment

Band: SambaDA  

2012 Theme: End the Food Crisis

Band: Los Rakas and Gina Rene  

2011 Theme: Cultural Survival and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 

Performer: John Trudell 

2010 Theme: Prevent Youth Violence

Band: Brwn Bflo

2009 Theme: Stop Violence Against Women

Band: Zion I with DJ Burke

2008 Theme: Conflict in Sri Lanka 

Performer: Student performances 

2007 Theme: Conflict in Darfur