Venue Reservation Policy

General Policy
College Nine and John R. Lewis College make the following facilities available for use by the campus community. These facilities are available for reservation on the second Monday of each quarter after College Nine and John R. Lewis College programming needs have been determined. 

COVID-19 Policy Prior to attending an event, all attendees must have cleared the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Checker within 24 hours of arriving to campus. All attendees of indoor events at College 9 and John R. Lewis College are rquired to wear a mask. It is strongly recommened that event organizers and planners maintain an attendee list in case tracking needs to be performed.

The Multipurpose Room (MPR), part of the College Nine and John R. Lewis College Dining Hall and actively used for overflow dining, seats 320 for dining-style seating and up to 600 for audience-style events. However, this capacity has been reduced to 150 in an effort to align with public safety guidelines. The MPR has a platform stage and a full sound system.

Namaste Lounge at College Nine, a mid-sized lounge in the College Nine Residence halls, has a capacity of 100.  It is primarily used as a student lounge and study space.

These facilities are funded by student housing and facility funds and are primarily used for student-oriented programs and events.

Considerations for facility reservations:

  • Venue availability based on college programming and Dining Services needs
  • Staffing availability
  • Student-initiated or student-oriented programs
  • Programs from Social Sciences Division (affiliated with College Nine and John R. Lewis College)

Early Reservation Requests 
Recognizing the need to do advance planning for major events, early reservation requests are reviewed during a specific open window preceding each upcoming quarter. We have a strict early reservations policy for a variety of reasons, including our high number of residents, fewer programming spaces due to our smaller footprint as compared to other colleges, and the fact that MPR is primarily a dining facility.  We are open for early requests during Early Request Period, indicated on our timeline, and will review all early requests the week following the open timeframe.Reservable dates during this period are listed on the timeline. Occasional exceptions will be made for events that require an even earlier timeline, such as national-level conferences and UC-wide initiatives.

Considerations for facility reservations earlier than the Early Request Period:

  • Executive level requests from the Chancellor or EVC offices
  • Major campus initiatives, conferences, or programs that require advance planning for outreach and confirmation of guests or speakers such as the Scholarship Benefit Dinner produced by the University Advancement Office.
  • Major programs such as national or state conferences from the Social Sciences Division (affiliated with College Nine and John R. Lewis College) that require advance planning for outreach and confirmation of guests or speakers such as the Climate Science and Policy Conference coordinated by the Social Sciences Division


College Nine and John R. Lewis College co-sponsorship may be available to some events held in our venues.  Co-sponsorship has several benefits, including increased access to a broad range of events for College Nine and John R. Lewis College students, as well as possible 50% reduction in facility-related expenses for sponsoring organizations.  In order for co-sponsorship to be considered, the following terms and conditions must be met:

  • The event must in some way reflect the theme of one of our colleges, and/or in some way be of direct benefit to our students. College Nine’s theme is International and Global Perspectives, and John R. Lewis College's theme is Social Justice and Community.
  • Reservation must be made AT LEAST two weeks in advance.  Co-sponsorship will NOT be considered for venue requests made less than two weeks before the event.
  • Co-Sponsored by College Nine and John R. Lewis College” must appear on all advertising, and a copy of a flyer or email announcement must be brought or sent to College Nine and John R. Lewis College Activities staff at least two weeks prior to the event date.  
  • If there is an admission charge for the event, a discount - agreed upon in advance by the Activities staff and the event planner(s) - will be included for members of the College Nine and John R. Lewis College community.
  • Co-sponsorship of an event may be arranged with the appropriate programming office at either College Nine or John R. Lewis College. The event organizer and the staff member providing co-sponsorship are both responsible for making sure the Activities staff is aware of any co-sponsorship arrangements. Reservations involving co-sponsorship are not complete until this has occurred.
  • Student Government contributions to an event provide co-sponsorship in the amount awarded to that event but do not affect facility costs. Any reduction in rental costs would need to be a separate arrangement through one of the programming offices.
  • Co-sponsorship of an event involves partial waiving of facility rental costs, but does not include equipment rental or personnel costs.  Labor will be billed at the standard rate of $18 per hour for each worker hour required.

Equipment & Student Tech Crew
Our venues have built-in audio and video systems that require Student Tech Crew to operate. If you would like access this equipment, please indicate your needs while making your reservation, or at minimum, two weeks prior to the event date. 

A fee is included for Tech Crew when using AV Equipment. The Reservations and Events Assistant (REA) will determine the approproate number of student staff necessary for an event. Your organization will be charged $18/hour for each Tech Crew member staffing your event. We will do our best to provide all services you need, but are limited by the availability of our student staff team. The earlier you make requests or changes, the more likely we will be about to fulfill your needs. 

You may request student staff to be present for the duration of your event for troubleshooting or operating equipment if the REA has not determined it necessary. 

Additional charges will apply for the following:

  • Damaged, stolen, or lost equipment 
  • Extra hours Tech Crew is utilized beyond anticipated duration
  • Cleaning or maintenance that extends beyond normal expectation (waste left around facility, major spills, etc)

Cancellation Policy
We request that if for any reason you have to cancel a reservation that you have previously made please do so at least two business days prior to the event. If a reservation is canceled past this point, there may be a cancellation fee for up to half the reservation cost. This fee also applies to “no shows.”

Summer Session 
During Summer Session (June 17 - Sept. 2) reservations are managed through Conference Services.  Please direct your summer request to Conference Services at or (831) 459-2611.

How to Reserve
Fill out and submit the Reservation Form. You will be contacted via email or phone within 5 working days to confirm your reservation and discuss logistics.