Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps, College Nine's Service Learning Course, is one of the three service learning components at College Nine and College Ten. Esprit de Corps provides college members an opportunity to apply their academic learning in a practical setting in the community. Students earn academic credit by volunteering in a nonprofit agency or school for four hours a week for two credits (CLTE 110B) or 10 hours a week for five credits (CLTE 110). Students are supervised by a professional on site and attend weekly class meetings. During the class meetings students reflect upon their individual experiences with fellow students, listen to local leaders from the community, read articles on relevant social justice issues such as education inequality, poverty, and homelessness, and complete a final project related to their service learning placement.

Students participating in the fall quarter are encouraged to continue in their placements during subsequent quarters. In the winter and spring, students attend seminars led by experienced student leaders.

If you are interested in joining the class please contact Abbey Asher at

If students are interested in a lesser commitment, they can join PRAXIS, the service learning student organization at Colleges Nine and College Ten, or participate in the Alternative Spring Break program (ASB).

Esprit de Corps Placements

Below are some of the placements available to Esprit de Corps students. Click on each for a more in-depth description.