Glad 2018

January 04, 2019


In Fall Quarter, 2018, between 6-10 students participated in GLAD regularly. We focused on the ways that personal identity shapes our concepts of global citizenship, discussed global events and different perspectives on international issues, and cultivated leadership skills. In line with the themes of global citizenship, we explored global access to resources, hunger, poverty, and the injustices that contribute to these inequalities.

For the mid-quarter project, the GLAD students planned and implemented a large scale assembly of WAPIs—water pasteurization indicators. In collaboration with the College Nine Service Learning program called Praxis, students made about 45 WAPIs which will be sent to a maternity ward in a hospital in Afghanistan. These WAPIs cost only 30 cents to make, last 25 years, and are pretty durable, meaning that the impact of these WAPIs are long term! These new mothers will now have faster and easier access to clean water for themselves and their families.

In collaboration with Oxfam, an international, non-partisan, non-profit organization, we organized a Hunger Banquet to delve into the issues of hunger and food scarcity. Students saw hunger in a new way through this interactive simulation. They also got to interact with Oxfam to explore practical ways to make a global impact.