Fall 2022 Housing (Updated 8/5/22)

Slug tip: It isn't if you're first or last, so long as you apply on time.

The Continuing Student Housing Application Period was April 11th - 18th, 2022. All continuing students interested in On-Campus Housing for the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year can still apply for housing; however, your application will be marked as being late and you will lose Priority Status if you had it. 

Information about housing assignments will be sent via UCSC email on August 15th, 2022.

If you have questions about Covid-19 or Monkeypox, please refer to the UCSC Health Center Website for the most up-to-date information.
For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the Continuing Student Housing Application Period Website
Questions about Fall 2022 Move-In? Please refer to the Move-In Website.


Frequently Asked Questions  


What is the process between the Continuing Student Housing Application Period and moving in Fall 2022?

  • April:
    • Students are informed via email (titled: “Fall 2022 University Housing”) whether or not they have Priority Status
    • Students apply for Housing for the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year on their Student Housing Portal during the Continuing Student Housing Application Period (April 11 - April 18). Applications must be COMPLETED by 11:59 PM on April 18th to be considered on time.
    • If wanted, students form roommate groups and verify their roommate groups on their Student Housing Portal.
    • Students who applied to Campus-Wide Themed Housing are sent acceptance or denial emails. Students who are accepted to Campus-Wide Themed Housing MUST accept the offer by the deadline or their offer will be voided.
    • Students with Disability Accommodations for 2022-23 AND priority status meet with the housing coordinator to pick suitable housing for the upcoming year.
  • May:
    • May 6th - Students eligible for Room Selection are sent their Room Selection timeslot.
    • May 17th and 18th - During their appointment, the student will select the housing they want from what is available.
    • After Room Selection ends, any students with Priority Status who are unassigned are put on a waitlist for their applied community.
  • June and onwards:

    For a more detailed calendar, continuing students should read the email "Housing Notes - Fall 2022" sent to their UCSC address. 

How do I know if I have Priority Status?

All students eligible for 2022-23 housing were sent an email on 3/28/2 titled “Fall 2022 University Housing” with information on whether or not they have Priority Status. If you do not see this email, please check your spam filter.

Alternatively, you can check on the Priority Status website.


How do I apply for housing?

Once the Continuing Student Housing Application Period has started, log in to studenthousing.ucsc.edu and click on the “Housing Application” button. Then select “Undergraduate Housing”. You will then be prompted to select “2022-2023 Academic Year”. Follow the instructions in the application.

Current UCSC students are encouraged to check out our Helpful Application Checklist (using your UCSC email).

What makes a good housing application?

Honesty about your lifestyle and Flexibility with your room type. The housing coordinator's job isn't to judge how you live your life, their job is to try to find a room or apartment where you will be happy living with people with similar lifestyles.

NOTE: if you have a medical need for a certain kind of room, please work with the Disability Resource Center to get a housing accommodation.


In the housing application, you are asked about how you live and avoid the option "sometimes" when "often" or "rarely" is a better fit. We recommend you fill out your lifestyle questions either by yourself or with someone who is going to be real with you about how you live.

If you know you are a light sleeper AND tend to go to bed after 2 AM, stating that you are "sometimes" a light sleeper and "sometimes" go to bed after 2 AM informs the housing coordinator that you may live well with someone who tends to go to bed before 2 AM regardless of their noise levels. As a result, you may be matched with a roommate that wakes you up at 7 AM in preparation for their 8 AM class and you may find yourself getting little sleep.



There is limited availability of housing at UCSC and limited single and double occupancy spaces. Housing Coordinators try to assign first and second preferences whenever possible. If a student only has one preference and there is no more of that room type available, the housing coordinator will not look at that student's application until every person who has more room types requested has been placed before sending students alternate offers.

If you would prefer a single, put that as your first choice. But if you wouldn't mind a triple, put that as a later preference.

If there are 10 singles (10 beds) and 10 triples (30 beds) on a floor and 50 students wanting housing, the student who requested a single AND a triple has 40 possible beds they can get assigned to. The student who ONLY wants a single has only 10 beds they can get assigned to.
Once all singles have been assigned, any student who only asked for a single will not be offered a triple until everyone who has asked for a triple has been given one.

When does the housing portal open? When does it close?

The housing application opens on April 11th. It will remain open throughout the summer and can be accessed at studenthousing.ucsc.edu.

However, to have your application be considered on time, applications must be FINISHED by 11:59 PM on April 18th. This deadline is STRICTLY enforced.

Pro Tip: Because housing is NOT firm come, first serve, applying in the middle of the week as the website tends to crash with everyone trying to apply when the application just opens and right before it closes. 

When will I hear if I got Housing? How will I know? When is the latest I will hear if I got on-campus housing?

When a student is assigned to housing, they get an automatic email titled "UCSC Housing Assignment Confirmation". That email will only contain confirmation of the assignment being made. Information about roommates and room placement will be sent in a separate email by the end of August.

While the majority of our assignments are usually finished by mid-August, we assign students as late as the week before move-in depending on students canceling their assignments. We are working diligently to house as many students as possible but, regretfully, we will not be able to provide university housing for all interested students and we anticipate very little movement off of the general waitlist before the start of the Fall quarter.

Can I apply to more than one community?

No. You can only apply to one community in your application. Furthermore, students can only have one application for Fall housing. Students are able to apply for their affiliated college, or one of the other colleges, or the Camper Park, or the University Town Center.

When you are listing your preferences for room type, it is for room types within the community you are applying to. For example, if you applied to John R. Lewis College and you listed a Res Hall Single as your first preference and Res Hall Triple as your second preference, it is for a Res Hall Triple at John R. Lewis College. 

Are College 9 and John R Lewis College different communities?

Yes, College 9 and John R Lewis College are different communities. If you want to live with a roommate or roommates, please make sure you all apply to the same college, be that College 9 OR John R Lewis College.



What is my assignment for the 2022-2023 academic year? When will I be told? Who are my roommates?

When a student is assigned to housing, they get an automatic email titled "UCSC Housing Assignment Confirmation". That email will only contain confirmation of the assignment being made.

Information about roommates and room placement will be sent in a separate email by the end of August. Please do not email the Housing Office for information about your assignment, we will request that you wait. 

If you have a specific need for a type of room, please work with the Disability Resource Center to get a housing accommodation

How are housing assignments made?

During Room Selection, students can assign themselves to housing.

After Room Selection, housing coordinators assign students off the waitlist based on rooms available and what rooms a student has requested. When looking at roommate compatibility, housing coordinators will do their best to make good matches best on what is listed on the student's housing application. We have some tips on what makes a good housing application!

If there isn't an available room of the type you requested, housing coordinators will try to offer alternative housing. However, housing coordinators will first assign everyone who has requested available room types before offering alternative offers.

If Student A and Student B both want a residence hall large triple, but Student B has also listed a residence hall triple, and there are no residence hall large triples available, the housing coordinator will assign Student B to the regular triple.

After every student who requedted a residence hall triple on their housing application are assigned and there are leftover spaces, only then will the housing coordinator offer housing to those who did not request that room type like Student A.

Can I be assigned to a different housing community like the Village or a different college?

It is possible that you will be assigned at another housing community including, but not limited to, the University Town Center, the Village, or another college like Crown College or Rachel Carson College. However, the housing coordinator will only assign you to another area if you accept an alternate housing offer within the deadline set.

Remember: check your ucsc email every 24 hours to ensure you don't miss an alternate housing offer.

If there isn't my preferred type of housing, will I still be offered housing? / I was offered a room type I didn't list?

Housing Coordinators will do their best to assign students to housing options they request when assigning them off the waitlist. However, there is a finite number of each room type. If a room type you did not request becomes available, the housing coordinator may offer you that spot. You will have 48 hours to accept. This deadline is strictly enforced. Otherwise, the housing coordinator will assume you do not want the space. 

I want to live with my friends, but we want different room types. Will our roommate group or our room type be considered first during the assignment process?

Talk to your friends about what housing you prefer and what are things you are willing to compromise. If you are unable to come to a compromise that leaves all parties happy, consider different roommates or a smaller roommate group.

For students WITH priority status, most students will be able to assign themselves during Room Selection. Roommates will be able to place themselves and their roommates into rooms. It will be up to the student assigning their roommate group to ensure that everyone's room preferences are met.

Keep In Mind: The College 9 and John R Lewis College apartments have specific configurations that may not accommodate everyone's first choice in room type. 

For students who are unable to participate in Room Selection, the housing coordinator will do their best to meet roommate requests. However, if a roommate group has NO room types in common, the housing coordinator will then assign students based on their room preferences and try to keep students in similar areas. 

Keep In Mind: The Housing Coordinator will assign people to housing as there are available spaces. Even if all roommates have the same room type on file, the housing coordinator may not have enough spots in a room to completely assign all roommates. For example: three (3) roommates will all accept a triple room, but there is only one triple available with two (2) spots. 

We STRONGLY recommend all roommate groups have at least one multi-occupancy room type in common. If you have a 5-person group, roommates should list a triple room option in case a smaller room type is unavailable.

I want to live with my friends, but we have different lifestyles. Will our roommate group or our lifestyle questionnaire be considered first during the assignment process? Should we make sure our lifestyle questionnaire is as similar as possible?

No, every student should fill out the lifestyle questionnaire accurately. The housing coordinator will do their best to meet roommate requests, even if your lifestyle questionnaire might inform us that you live slightly different lifestyles.

We trust that roommates groups have already discussed their difference in lifestyles and will come up with roommate agreements that help address any conflict that might arise.

Furthermore, an accurate lifestyle questionnaire allows the housing coordinator to make a good roommate match should you only have a partial group from room selection.

I want to live with my friends, but they don't have Priority. What can we do to increase our chances of living together?

For students who are unable to participate in Room Selection, the housing coordinator will do their best to meet roommate requests. The chances are low that multiple spaces will open in a room or apartment that will accommodate a large roommate group. But there are a few ways to improve the chances of getting assigned to preferred roommates:

  1. Apply on time: Non-priority students who apply on time are higher on the waitlist.
  2. Apply to the same community: only students who apply to the same community can request each other as roommates.
  3. Request each other as roommates.
  4. List at least one room type in common with your roommates.
  5. Make sure you fill out the lifestyle questionnaire accurately.
    • If the housing coordinator is unable to assign you to your preferred roommate, they will still try to assign you to the best roommate match.
      • It does not matter how similar or different your questionnaire answers are, if there is a roommate request, housing coordinators will do their best to meet roommate requests.
    • Tips on making a good housing application can be found under "What Makes A Good Housing Application".

Do I need to change my college affiliation to apply to a certain community?

NO! You do not need to change your college affiliation to live in another community as a continuing student. All you need to do is apply for that community during the continuing student housing application period. If you'd like to change your college due to that college's themes, resources, and academic support, you can learn more about the College Change Procedure on the registrar website.

Will College Affiliation affect my likelihood of getting housing?

No! As of 2021, college affiliation will not affect continuing students' Priority when it comes to applying to housing. Any continuing student who requests a change of affiliation only for housing will be denied.


How can I increase my chances of getting housing?

Here are some ways to increase your likelihood of getting housing on campus for the fall.

  • Mark or flag housing emails as Important/VIP/etc. on your phone and in your email. 
    • The housing emails will be sent primarily from housing@ucsc.edu and 9housing10@ucsc.edu.
    • In particular, mark the "Housing Application acknowledgment" email you were sent when you applied to housing. By marking your “Housing Application Acknowledgement” email as important, your email will know to prioritize all housing emails so you are more likely to see an alternate housing offer.
  • Opt into texts from UCSC in MyUCSC Notification Preferences. The Housing Office may text you to check your email for an alternative housing offer.
  • Check your ucsc email daily. If you are offered an alternate housing assignment, you will have 48 hours to accept.
  • List as many room types as you would be comfortable taking. The more room types you list on your housing application, the more often the Housing Coordinator will look at your housing application.
    • The most common room type currently available is a residence hall triple - if you would accept this room type but have not specified it on you housing application, you should do so.

Please understand that there is a limited supply of on-campus housing and not everyone will receive an offer for this housing.

How does the waitlist for students without confirmed housing assignments work?

The waitlist is NOT a numbered list and does not work as such. The waitlist is as long as there are students wanting housing on campus. Students are assigned off this list based on what spaces are available and how well they will get along with any current residents. 

To use a metaphor, the waitlist is a box of puzzle pieces and as there are spaces available, the housing coordinator will evaluate the available puzzle pieces and put the piece that fits best into the available space. Once a match is made, a student is assigned.

There are two waitlists for students without current housing assignments: Priority Waitlist and General Waitlist.

  • The Priority Waitlist is made of students who have Priority Status.
  • The General Waitlist is every student who applied to housing without Priority status and student who had Priority Status but did not accept an alternate housing offer. The general waitlist will be assigned only after everyone on the Priority Waitlist has been assigned housing. 

To continue the metaphor, each waitlist is a different box of puzzle pieces. Once the housing coordinator has used all the puzzle pieces in the first box, they will move on to the second box.

Am I on the waitlist?

All students who have an active application for the 2022-2023 academic year who have yet to be assigned to housing are on the waitlist. You can check if you have an active application by logging into your Student Housing Portal at studenthousing.ucsc.edu.

If you are a student with Priority Status who did not accept an alternate housing offer or did not reapply by the 48-hour deadline, you are now on the General waitlist.

As stated on the Housing Contract (Article 6, Section 6, Subsection 12, Paragraph 6, Point ii), if a student has been offered two alternate housing assignments and either declined or did not respond to the email at all, “the University reserves the right to terminate the waitlist application. The Student will be required to submit a new waitlist application if interested in future university housing.”

I’m on the waitlist at another residential community, can I be placed on the waitlist for College Nine or John R. Lewis College?

While you may end up placed at College Nine or John R Lewis College, you can only be on the waitlist for the community you applied to. If you want to change which housing community you applied to, you must cancel your application and reapply. All students who do this will be placed on the general waitlist for their new community. Students with Priority Status who cancel their current housing application will lose their Priority Status.

 I'm on the waitlist at another residential community, can I be assigned to College Nine or John R Lewis College?

It is possible that you will be assigned to another housing community if you are on the waitlist for your residential community. However, each community will need to work through its own waitlist first before students from other residential areas will be offered housing. As College Nine and John R Lewis College are still working through their waitlists, it is more likely students will be offered areas aside from College Nine and John R Lewis College. 

Remember: The housing coordinator will only assign you to another area if you accept an alternate housing offer within the deadline set. Check your ucsc email every 24 hours to ensure you don't miss an alternate housing offer.

I'm on the waitlist, should I look for Off-Campus Housing?

We encourage all students waiting for housing assignments to look for Off-Campus Housing. The Community Rentals office has a lot of resources including a first-time Renter's Workshop.

If you secure Off-Campus Housing, it is your responsibility to cancel your housing application once you have signed the lease.

I got sent an alternate housing offer. How do alternate housing offers work? Why was I offered alternate housing?

If there are no spaces that match your room preferences, you will be offered a different room type. This includes rooms at other housing areas including other Colleges, the Village, and the University Town Center. 

Alternate housing offers are made via UCSC email and require students to accept the offer within forty-eight (48) hours or the offer is void and the space will be offered to another student. Closely monitor your UCSC email and/or set up email forwarding to have your UCSC email forwarded to another account you check regularly. Students who do not respond during the allotted time, or decline an offer of housing, will be moved to the general waitlist and will no longer receive Priority Status for placement.
If you were offered alternative housing, it means we do NOT have a room at College 9 and John R Lewis College that meets your requests listed in your application. 
Why can’t I select my roommates?

Students should be able to select roommates AFTER the Continuing Student Housing Application Period. If you cannot find your roommate, here are some common problems to troubleshoot:

  • Have your roommates submitted an application?
    • You cannot add a roommate who does not have an application on file.
  • Are your roommate(s) are compliant with the University of California COVID-19 Vaccine Policy?
    • Students who are not compliant may have their housing eligibility revoked.
  • Did you and your preferred roommates all apply to the same community? 
    • Keep in mind, College Nine and John R Lewis College are DIFFERENT communities.
  • Did you and all your preferred roommates mark yourself as visible for roommate requests in the application?
    • If not, you can reenter the application and mark yourself as visible!

Uh-oh, I applied to the wrong community! Can I change the community I applied to?

Now that the Housing Application Period is over, you cannot change the community you applied to. You should immediately inform any roommates you had plans with so they can modify their plans. 

Would canceling my housing application and applying to another area to increase my chances of getting housing?

We strongly DO NOT recommend students cancel their housing application if they want housing on campus. If a student with Priority Status cancels their application and reapplies, they will LOSE their priority status and be on the general waitlist.

I haven't heard anything from the Housing Office. Does this mean I won't get housing?

If you haven't heard from us, it means you are still on the waitlist and that you currently don't have housing. There is more information about the Waitlist and when you may learn about your housing on this FAQ.

If I missed the Continuing Student Housing Application Period. Can I still apply to housing?

Yes, you can still apply. You will be placed on the general waitlist and will not be assigned to housing until all Priority Waitlist students have been assigned to housing. The deadline of May 18th at 11:59 PM is strictly enforced and once it has passed, any Priority status students may have had is forfeited. 


I want to change my room preferences/meal plan/billing plan. What can I do?

Students are able to return to their completed applications in order to make changes to room, theme, meal plan, billing, and other preferences up until the point they are assigned housing. A student CANNOT change their community type after submitting a housing application. After a student is assigned, students cannot change their room or theme preferences.
A student wanting to change their billing options or meal plan will need to reach out to the Campus Housing Office at housing@ucsc.edu. 
Students can email 9housing10@ucsc.edu to ask for a room change after they have been assigned, but due to limited availability of housing is it HIGHLY unlikely the housing office will be able to accommodate the request. Furthermore, housing coordinators are unable to do assign students to a different residential community once they have been assigned.  

 How do cancellation fees work?

Cancellation fees are ONLY applied to your account if you have been ASSIGNED to housing. For more information please refer to the Continue Student Housing Application Website (https://housing.ucsc.edu/priority/cancellation.html).

What resources are available to help students look for off-campus housing?

Our office does not specialize in off-campus housing. However, UCSC has a variety of resources:

What is the difference between beds A, B, and C in a triple room? How are bed spaces determined?

The letters at the end of the assignment do NOT denote bed space. They are there so our database can list three people in one room. We trust students to be able to discuss with their roommates who will get what bed.

If you have a medical need for a certain type of bed, please work with the Disability Resource Center to get a housing accommodation.