Think Global; Act Local:  A Service-Learning Community Floor

Think Global; Act Local is College Nine’s newest living learning community for students who wish to practice the components of service learning.  Students living on this floor will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of important social justice issues occurring in Santa Cruz and in the world at large.  Students are encouraged to participate in local service projects several times per quarter and take the time to reflect individually and as a group upon their actions. In this way, students can begin to develop a commitment to sustained service and civic responsibility as future citizens of the world. Participating students are encouraged to engage in service projects each quarter as a floor and/or individually via Praxis, College Nine’s service organization or via college-sponsored events. This floor is an application-based community and will be open to first-year students. 

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will become actively engaged in service learning.

2. Students are aware of social issues that are occurring both locally and globally

3. Students will have the opportunity to form a community and friendships that share the common interest of volunteerism and service.

4. Students will be action orientated and participate in tangible service experiences (at least 2 per quarter).

5. Students will become leaders in service learning by continuing their service the following year by either participating in PRAXIS, enrolling in Espirt de Corps, etc.