College Staff

List of College Nine staff by unit.


  • Flora Lu

    Flora Lu

    (831) 459-5852,

    Hello and welcome! My name is Flora Lu and I am the Provost of College Nine. The Provost is the academic administrator for the college. That means I supervise the academic programs of the college including the college courses, academic advising, academic standing, academic integrity, college honors and distinction programs, and graduation. I hope to see you around College Nine.

  • Deana Slater

    Deana Slater

    (831) 459-3122,

    Hello and welcome to College Nine! My name is Deana Slater, and I am the College Administrative Officer (CAO) at College Nine. I oversee student life and administration at the college which include a variety of areas such as residence life, college programs, budget, facilities, and supervising our wonderful staff. Our college theme is International and Global Perspectives. Please join us in shaping our College Nine community.

  • Lori Schachle

    Lori Schachle

    College Academic Programs Coordinator
    (831) 459-5852,

    Hello, and welcome to College Nine!  My name is Lori Schachle and I am the College Academic Programs Coordinator.  I coordinate the Core Course, other college courses, some college-sponsored events, and administrative processes for the academic side of the colleges in conjunction with the academic advisers.  I also assist Provost Flora Lu. If you would like to schedule an appointment with the provost, feel free to contact me.

  • Laura Wilson

    Laura Wilson

    Assitant to the College Administrative Officer


    Hello! My name is Laura Wilson and I am the Assistant to the College Administrative Officer for both College Nine and College Ten. I provide administrative support across the colleges, but mainly in our Administration and Advising Office.  I am also an alumna of Kresge College and grew up in Santa Cruz. I am located on the second floor of Social Sciences 1. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone, or drop in and say hello.

  • Robin Kirksey

    Robin Kirksey

    Financial Coordinator
    (831) 459-3765,

    My name is Robin Kirksey and I am the Financial Coordinator for Colleges Nine and Ten. I take care of all the thrilling details of purchasing and analyzing expenditures at the two colleges. I make sure that the expenditures are charged to the correct accounts, also insuring that all proper guidelines are being followed during every step of the process.

  • Denise Booth

    Denise Booth

    Academic Preceptor
    (831) 459-4407, 

    Hello Slugs! My name is Denise Booth - I am serving as Academic Preceptor for both College Nine and College Ten.  I am also a proud UCSC alumna. As your advisers, we know that adjusting to university life can be challenging. The advising team is here to help you navigate your university career and assist you in making informed decisions about your education and academic goals. I encourage you stop by with your general academic advising questions. 

  • Sheldon Fields

    Sheldon Fields

    Academic Adviser
    (831) 459-5726,

    Hello College Nine students!  My name is Sheldon Fields and I am an Academic Adviser for both College Nine.  I am here to assist you with questions about general academics, navigating the university, and resources available for students.  My hope is for you have a positive academic experience and I look forward to meeting with you!

  • Stephanie Zakarian

    Stephanie Zakarian

    Academic Adviser
    (831) 459-3943,

    Hello and welcome! My name is Stephanie Zakarian, Academic Adviser for both Colleges Nine and Ten. I’m thrilled to be a part of the advising community and look forward to partnering with you as you pursue your academic goals. I’m here to help you transition to UCSC in your first year, but also provide access to resources and guidance throughout your career at UCSC. Don’t hesitate to stop by to introduce yourself and together we can explore your questions.

  • Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez

    College Assistant & Mailroom Manager
    (831) 459-3474,

    Hi - my name is Robert Lopez and I am the College Assistant and Mailroom Manager for College Nine and College Ten. If you have any questions, a good place to start at the College Administration Office on the second floor of Social Sciences 1. There the College Assistant and Peer Advisors answer academic and general campus questions and make appointments for the Academic Advisors. The College Assistant also supervises and coordinates the student mailroom, distributes student employee checks, and runs the Administration Office for Colleges Nine and Ten. I am originally from Texas and miss "real" BBQ. 

  • Student Programming

  • Wendy Baxter

    Wendy Baxter

    Director of Academic and CoCurricular Programs
    (831) 459-3142,

    Hello College Nine students and friends!  My name is Wendy and I work in the Cocurricular Programs Office (aka "The CoCo").  I take great satisfaction from working with our amazing team of students and staff to provide a broad range of opportunities for students to explore the theme of our college, build leadership and other skills, find community, and get involved.  Check out the Cocurricular Programs section to learn a bit about what we do, and please drop by the Coco any time - whether just to see what we're up to, learn a bit more, or dive right in!  We are located right next door to the College Nine Mailroom.  I would also be happy to make an appointment to meet with you - just pop me an email or give me a call.

  • Erin Ramsden

    Erin Ramsden

    CoCurricular Programs Coordinator
    (831) 459-4069,

    Welcome to College Nine! My name is Erin Ramsden. I work in the College Nine Co-Curricular Programs office and I assist in designing and implementing programs at College Nine.

  • Daphne Mark

    Daphne Mark

    CoCurricular Programs Assistant

    (831) 459-1253,

    Hello my name is Daphne and I'm the CoCurricular Programs Assistant. I work closely with students and staff to help plan events and opportunities offered through the "CoCo". To learn more about the CoCo, visit the CoCurricular Programs section, send a quick email, check us out on social media or come by and say Hi! Welcome to College Nine! 

  • Abbey Asher

    Abbey Asher

    Service Learning Coordinator
    (831) 459-1237,

    Hello. My name is Abbey Asher and I am the Service-Learning Coordinator for College Nine. If you would like to get involved in the outlying community through making a meaningful contribution, I am the person to see. Volunteering in the community enriches your academic learning. I encourage you to explore this opportunity with me!

  • Esther Wallace

    Esther Wallace

    College Programs Coordinator (CPC)
    (831) 459-3853,

    Hi! I’m Esther Wallace, the College Programs Coordinator, and I’m delighted to welcome you to College Nine! I work with students and staff to plan a wide variety of programs and activities for our college community. If you’ve ever attended a College Night, a Special Interest Session during Welcome Week, or a dance in the MPR, chances are it was developed by the good folks I work with in the Activities office. I love working with students to develop fun, compelling opportunities for extracurricular engagement. Please click on the Activities tab to find out more about what our office can offer you, and come visit us! We’re located in the Recreation Lounge below the Multipurpose Room.

  • Tim Barbour

    Tim Barbour

    Assistant College Programs Coordinator
    (831) 459-4465,

    Hi! I'm Tim Barbour, the Assistant College Programs Coordinator. I work with students & staff to plan and implement some of the cooler events here at College Nine and College Ten. I'm also probably the first person you'll be talking to when you contact the Programs & Activities Office. Shoot me an email, give me a call, or just drop by.

  • Chris Salerno

    Chris Salerno

    Reservations and Events Assistant
    (831) 459-5844, 

    College Nine & College Ten have great meeting spaces available to accommodate everything from student group activities to large events.  I'm thrilled to be part of a team responsible for executing these exciting programs.  Please visit the Activities section of this website and see what we have to offer.  You can even request a reservation online and I will follow up quickly to address your needs.  It's my pleasure to be of service offering these venues as a destination for your event.

  • Residential Life

  • Sarah Woodside Bury

    Sarah Woodside Bury

    Associate College Administrative Officer
    (831) 459-3797,

    Hello and welcome to College Nine!  I am the Associate College Administrative Officer, which means that I oversee all the Residential Life and Housing functions for the College in addition to managing the student conduct process for our students.  Check out our Residential Life section to find out more about our welcoming housing units and exciting programs.  I have a strong passion and professional background in International and Global Perspectives and look forward to engaging in the theme with you.  Please come by my office in the Residential Life and Housing Office (Hague, 1st Floor) anytime!

  • Julie Phillips

    Julie Phillips

    Coordinator for Residential Education


    Greetings! I am the Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE) of the College Nine Residence Halls. As a bit of a world traveler, I love working for College Nine and the theme of International and Global Perspectives. In my role, I strive to ensure that students have a safe, healthy, respectful and comfortable community at College Nine while they pursue their academic goals. In addition to supporting residents, I also supervise Resident Assistants (RAs), promote student accountability, and help develop programs for the College and theme-floor communities.  My primary goal however, is to help students in any way I can, so please to stop by the Residential Life and Housing Office to see me anytime!

  • Housing Office Coordinator

    Housing Office Coordinator
    (831) 459-3834, 

    This position will be filled soon!

  • Stephanie Welin

    Stephanie Welin

    Coordinator for Conduct & Education (CCE)
    Hello!  :O)  I am the Coordinator for Conduct & Education (CCE) for Colleges Nine and Ten.  I love engaging in conversations with individuals and groups centered on expanding one's cultural competence through experiential learning and shared experiences.  In my role, I meet with students to adjudicate (process) student conduct cases, address emergency policies, procedures, & training, and facilitate preventative education programs & trainings.  If you have any questions regarding the conduct process, campus resources, or just want to chat, please stop by and see me!  My office is located in the Residential Life and Housing Office (Hague, 1st Floor).  Thanks!
  • Reggie Shaw

    Reggie Shaw

    Coordinator for Residential Education
    Cafe Supervisor of Terry Freitas Café

    Greetings, my name is Reggie Shaw and I am the CRE for the College Nine and College Ten Apartments. My role is to serve as support, referral, and coordinate the development of students within the apartment community. The apartment community contains both College Nine and College Ten continuing and transfer students. I supervise 6 Resident Assistants (RAs) that provide programming and go through extensive training in handling crisis and judicial issues that occur during the year.  I am also Café Supervisor for the Terry Freitas Café where I supervise 2 Co-Managers along with team of Café Baristas. Please feel free to come visit me in my office located in the College Nine Residence Halls (R1) Rm. 1130.

  • Mirabai Hutton

    Mirabai Hutton

    Coordinator for Residential Education
    (831) 459-1388,

    Hi!  My name is Mirabai Hutton and I am very excited to be working with the International Living Center (ILC) as the area's Coordinator of Residential Education (CRE).  My job is to help manage the ILC and facilitate the development of the ILC community.  I am responsible for supervising the student staff members working in the ILC; for coordinating the application and selection process; for managing room assignments and facilitates issues; for helping with programs and community development opportunities; to advising and enforcing campus policies, etc.  I am always happy to meet with residents or people interested in the ILC, and you can always get a hold of me emailing, calling, or dropping by my office!

  • Diana Elizabeth Torres

    Housing Coordinator
    (831) 459-3767,

    Hi! My name is Diana Elizabeth Torres, Housing Coordinator for College Nine and College Ten! I am also a proud UCSC alumna and College Ten affiliate. My duties include all housing changes such as room changes and any student interested in university housing, assist students with any housing related question(s) and the regular day to day office procedures. I strive to be welcoming and supportive of all student housing needs and accommodate all as best as possible. If you ever have any questions in regards to your housing, stop by the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office! 

  • Counseling Services

  • Audrey Kim

    Audrey Kim

    Counseling Psychologist
    (831) 459-1373, (831) 459-2628,

    Welcome to College Nine! My name is Audrey Kim and I am the Counseling Psychologist. Transitioning to college, being away from home, making new friends, juggling multiple responsibilities, and coping with academic pressures can be stressful and overwhelming for many students. College is also a time when many students start to explore their identities and their relationships with others. At some point, many students also experience some depression or anxiety. I can help you with a wide range of concerns by helping you gain insight into your problems and develop more effective coping strategies. Services are free and confidential. Have a great year!

  • Maintenance and Grounds Crew

  • Emilio Navarro

    C9 Apartment Building 1

  • Mauricio Magdaleno

    Dining Hall Basement Maintenance Room

  • Eric Peterson

    Porter College

  • Sheryl McCartney

    Apartments #1004

  • Bill Reid

    Apartment Bulding 2

  • Michelle Sasse

    R5 Basement