Partnership with Social Sciences

College Nine's Partnership with the Division of Social Sciences

One of the relatively unique features of College Nine is that its academic administration is affiliated with the Division of Social Sciences. Students of all majors can benefit from College Nine's partnership with the UCSC Social Sciences Division. In a comprehensive analysis of more than 200 top public universities, social sciences at UC Santa Cruz ranked first in the nation in research quality. Thus, College Nine students will have opportunities to explore international and global issues with distinguished faculty from a range of disciplines including Anthropology, Community Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology. Special opportunities for students will include assisting faculty in their research for course credit. Also, students will be able to meet with faculty in small group events as part of College Nine student programs.

To find our more about the Division of Social Sciences check out their website: 

Division of Social Sciences