One of the primary goals of College Nine is to help students actively engage in the college community and build leadership skills that reflect our theme of "International & Global Perspectives". To formally recognize leadership contributions and experiences, the International & Global Perspectives Leadership Certificate is presented at commencement for qualifying graduates. This is a tangible honor that can be highlighted in your resume and graduate school applications. It is available to all College Nine affiliates, regardless of whether you entered College Nine as a first year or as a transfer student.

The College Nine International & Global Perspectives Leadership Certificate is awarded to students who engaged in consistent and sustained leadership linked to the theme during their time at College Nine. Please fill out the College Nine Leadership Journal [Google Form / Google Doc] to nominate yourself for the Leadership Certificate. If you do not qualify for the Leadership Certificate, you may still qualify for a College Nine Service Award recognizing significant student leadership on our campus and at our college. We encourage you to fill out this form even if you are unsure if you qualify and we will follow up with you. If you have any questions please contact Erin Ramsden at

The Leadership Journal must be received by Week 5 of the quarter you are planning to graduate to be eligible for the full honor. If you are graduating in Spring or Summer 2020: Please complete the following form to determine your eligibility by Friday, May 15, 2020. Otherwise, this form is due Week 5 of the quarter you intend to graduate.