Public Posting Policy for Colleges Nine and John R. Lewis College

This public posting policy is adapted from the campuswide Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES) policy of 2017. It was last updated on January 30th, 2018.



(1) Public Posting is not allowed on walls, benches, signs, or other areas not specifically designated for promotional materials. These items will be removed.

(2) Chalking is not allowed at all locations.


Public Access Bulletin Boards

(in accordance with the Student Policies and Regulations Handbook 42.24)

Each college or housing unit will allow posting on designated public access bulletin boards;

Where posting is permitted, each individual or group is limited to one (1) poster per board, kiosk, and there may be no posting over announcements that are current;

All posted materials must clearly indicate the name and either email address or phone number of the person(s), group(s), University unit(s), or campus organization(s) responsible for posting them;

Postings shall not exceed 17" X 22" (or equivalent area);

Postings will be regularly removed.

Public Access Bulletin Boards at College Nine and John R. Lewis College:

  1. Bulletin Board on the right side of the Community Room entry doors
  2. Wooden Phone kiosk in the College Nine Residence Hall Quad
  3. Wooden Phone kiosk in the John R. Lewis College Residence Hall Quad
  4. Social Science 1 foyer bulletin board
  5. Social Science 2 foyer bulletin board
  6. Lower portion of Wooden posting area in front of College Nine/Ten Dining Hall (do not interfere with the glass case).

College-Controlled Areas

University departments, offices, and approved student organizations are allowed to have fliers posted in colleges and housing units.
If you are interested in having your fliers posted, please contact the Activities Office at Three flyers can be brought to the Activities Office flyer drop-box. Activities staff will post these in the Recreation Lounge and the Mailrooms at College Nine and John R. Lewis College. All unauthorized fliers will be removed.

Posting in Residential Areas

(College Nine Res Halls, John R. Lewis College Res Halls, Apartments, International Living Center)

Only Residential Staff may post in residence halls and/or on apartment bulletin boards. Approved fliers will be given to residential staff to post. All unapproved postings will be removed. Click here to download information and flier numbers for posting in all UCSC residential areas.

For Res Life/Housing posting contact the Residential Life & Housing Office at 40 flyers can be brought to the Res Life office. They will be given to the College Nine and John R. Lewis College RAs to post in Residence Halls.

No posting allowed on Residence Hall/Apartment balconies, windows, doors or railings.


All banners or over-sized posters outside of Colleges Nine and John R. Lewis College must be approved by the Activities Office (located at the Rec Lounge).

  1. Banners must be brought to the Activities Office (in the Rec. Lounge) for approval on a space-available basis. Once it has been stamped as “approved for posting” you can post it in one of the approved locations listed below. Please supply your own blue tape.
  2. Banners may be no bigger than 3’ x 4’.
  3. Outside groups are limited to one banner per event for the College Nine and John R. Lewis College Community.
  4. Banners must clearly indicate the following:
    • Name of University Unit or student Organization responsible for the program
    • Event contact information, either email or phone number, for both information about program and for accessibility needs
    • Removal date and/or date of event.
    • Banners may be posted for a maximum of 7 days

Once approved, we will or direct you where to post. If you cannot post the banner yourself, the Activities Office will post it at our earliest convenience. All unapproved banners will be removed.

Posting Locations for Approved Banners:

  1. On the railing outside of the Dining Hall
  2. On the railing in front of Namaste Lounge
  3. On the railing in front of the Community Room