Welcome College 9 families!

Congratulations and welcome to College Nine! We think your student made the best choice in deciding to come to UC Santa Cruz, College Nine and we hope that their transition and time here is transformative. 
We know that parents, guardians, family members, and other loved ones want to stay connected to your student. Check here for information, FAQs and events for families
Please enjoy this welcome video from Provost Flora Lu and Senior Director for College Student Life, Sarah Woodside Bury.


Summer 2022 Virtual Family Gathering
Monday, July 11th 6:00pm PST

Please join our staff for an opportunity to ask questions about our Colleges and learn about what resources and support we offer students at Colleges Nine and John R. Lewis College.  

We will be offering a zoom Q&A session on Monday, July 11th 2022 at 6:00pm PST.

Please see the recording from Family Day 2022, and a list of resources mentioned below.
We also invite you to watch the series of video tours of important locations around College Nine at the link below:


UCSC housing: https://housing.ucsc.edu/

Housing application: https://housing.ucsc.edu/apply/index.html

Dining: https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/services/covid-19/

 College Nine Residential Life website: https://collegenine.ucsc.edu/residential-life/index.html

Housing Email: 9housing10@ucsc.edu


College Nine Advising Email: nineadvising@ucsc.edu

College Nine Advising: https://collegenine.ucsc.edu/advising/index.html

Summer Session: https://summer.ucsc.edu/

Summer Session Email: summer@ucsc.edu

Remote Instruction: https://keepteaching.ucsc.edu/


Petition to Increase Units: https://johnrlewis.ucsc.edu/advising/continuing-students/index.html

Departmental Advisors: https://advising.ucsc.edu/about/major-advising/major-links.html

 Activities & Opportunities:

John R. Lewis Dedication Events: https://johnrlewis.ucsc.edu/about/dedication/

Necessary Trouble Event Series: https://transform.ucsc.edu/john-lewis-college-event-series/

RA Job Application: https://ches.ucsc.edu/student-leaders/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ucsc9_jrl/

Newsletter Archive: https://us13.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=b6cf3e3311948a21e03adfd78&id=dc4d5d233b

College Nine Activities: https://collegenine.ucsc.edu/activities/index.html

College Nine Find Your Community website: https://collegenine.ucsc.edu/findcommunity/index.html

Practical Activism Conference: https://practicalactivism.ucsc.edu/index.html

Student Organizations: https://someca.ucsc.edu/organizations/index.html

Resource Centers: https://resourcecenters.ucsc.edu/

Email to Inquire About Activities Jobs: acpc910@ucsc.edu

COVID-19 Protocols & Resources

Student Health Center COVID resources: https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/services/covid-19/

 Slug Strong: https://slugstrong.ucsc.edu/

Dining COVID protocols: https://dining.ucsc.edu/covid-19/index.html

Email Contacts:

Sarah Woodside Bury, Senior Director: sarahcw@ucsc.edu
Flora Lu, Provost: floralu@ucsc.edu
College Nine & John R. Lewis College Housing: 9housing10@ucsc.edu
College Nine Advising Email: nineadvising@ucsc.edu


This section contains resources for the family members/support people of our College Nine and John R. Lewis College students. Please click the links to learn more!
UCSC Family Guide for info regarding Admissions, Requirements, etc.
UCSC Families website for tons of helpful information, FAQs and important website links!