2022-2023 CoCo Team

CoCurricular Programs Office 

The College Nine and John R. Lewis College CoCurricular Programs Office ("The CoCo") offers a variety of events, classes, retreats, concerts, and student clubs for College Nine students. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to make friends and build community, develop their own style of leadership, build a robust set of career-ready, 21st Century skills, and express themselves through a wide range of projects and initiatives that enhance our community, explore the college theme, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning and development. [show more]

Our office supports student-driven programming that provides opportunities for learning and taking action on important local and global issues while exploring the college theme of International and Global Perspectives. When you join the CoCo you will learn, contribute, grow, and teach. You will find community. Join us!

CLNI 85: Global Action

Global Action is a 2-unit, student-facilitated course in Winter Quarter that explores current global issues and fulfills the PR General Education requirement. Students learn about current international and global issues through interactive exercises, small-group discussions, and faculty presentations. At the end of the quarter, students develop an action plan to raise awareness about one or more of these concerns and take practical steps to create positive change in the world.

Students can apply to be a CLNI 85 facilitator and earn 5 units (that also fulfill the PR General Education requirement) in late Fall Quarter. To take CLNI 85, students can add the class during enrollment. For questions, please contact

Leadership Certificate

To formally recognize leadership contributions and experiences, the International & Global Perspectives Leadership Certificate is presented at commencement for qualifying graduates.

To learn more about how you can be awarded a leadership certificate please see the leadership certificate page.

Intercultural Community Weekend

The Intercultural Community Weekend (ICW) is an overnight retreat where students deepen their awareness and connection to College Nine's theme of International and Global Perspectives. Through interactive exercises and small group discussions, students are given the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others and develop intercultural sensitivity and awareness.

Learn more about how to apply for ICW here and visit the John R. Lewis College website to learn about Social Justice and Community Weekend — an overnight retreat centered around John R. Lewis College's themes of Social Justice and Community.

Practical Activism Conference

The Practical Activism Conference (PAC) is a day-long social justice conference led and organized by students from College Nine and John R. Lewis College, with the guidance of staff from the CoCurricular Programs Office. Student planners meet weekly in Fall and Winter Quarters, earning a total of 4-units that fulfill the PR General Education requirement.

This year's PAC is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 25, 2023, from 10:30am-5pm in the C9/JRLC MPR. To learn more about PAC and how to get involved, please visit the official PAC website.

Work with the CoCo!

The CoCo offers two different student positions for College Nine students: the Student Programs Coordinator (SPC) and Global Perspectives CoCurricular Programs Intern (through the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program).

CoCo SPCs create programs centered around College Nine and John R. Lewis College’s themes, in addition to supporting other college-wide programming and collaborations. Previous student programs include the Pass the Plate zine and meal kits, Latin Dance Night, and Self-Love in Bloom pop-ups. This is an hourly position, with most students working an average of 10 hours per week. SPC applications for the following academic year will open in Spring Quarter and be posted on Handshake.

While the Global Perspectives CoCurricular Programs Intern also supports CoCo and college-wide programming, the College Nine CUIP works with the John R. Lewis College CUIP to host Slugs 4 Self-Care (S4SC) during Fall Quarter, leads the CLNI 85 student facilitators in Winter Quarter, and spends Spring Quarter creating a program of their choosing. CUIPs earn an $8,000 scholarship, with applications for the following academic year open January-February on the CUIP website.

Activities Office

The College Nine and John R. Lewis College Activities Office plans programs and activities for students that offer opportunities to participate in a vibrant College Nine community. From Fall Orientation and Welcome Week activities to Graduation and Commencement Exercises, the Programs and Activities Office engages students from their first days as new students to their last days as they receive their diplomas. [show more]

Student Community Program Assistants (CPAs) support these programs as well as plan other activities that are of interest to students and provide moments for reflection, creativity, conversation, and fun: College Nights, film showings, art projects, hikes, dances, and more.

College Nights are community dinners that feature a special theme menu with educational displays and entertainment. Open to the entire College Nine community and free for meal plan holders, a limited number of free tickets are available to non-meal plan holders. Recent themes include Pirates vs. Ninjas, International Islands, and Harry PotterClick here for schedule and ticket details.

The most successful programs are ones generated by student ideas and we invite you to stop by the Activities Office in the Recreation Lounge. Stop by to share your ideas, volunteer, or watch the big screen TV. We look forward to meeting you.

Below, you can see everything going on at Colleges Nine and John R. Lewis College this week!