Co-Curricular Programs

Co-Curricular programming was a central component to the vision for College Nine. Through exploring the college's theme of International and Global Perspectives, Co-Curricular programs provide students with a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. College Nine has worked hard to successfully develop a strong community, build meaningful traditions, and emphasize our theme through co-curricular programming.  

"College Nine's theme of International and Global Perspectives emphasizes the importance of both diversity and unity in understanding individuals and societies. The academic and co-curricular programs are designed to explore the wide diversity found in the world-based people's economic opportunities, political power, and cultural traditions."       

- Campbell Leaper, Founding Provost

There are two major components to College Nine's Co-Curricular programming - the CoCurricular Programs Office ("The CoCo") and Service Learning:

The CoCurricular Programs Office ("The CoCo")

The CoCo offers a variety of events, programs, conferences, courses, and groups for College Nine students to become involved in.  Students work with peer mentors and staff on a wide range of projects that enhance our community, explore the college theme, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development.

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Service Learning offers both short- and long-term volunteer opportunities (inlcuding Alternative Spring Break and Praxis) in the community with many non-profit organizations and local schools.

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