Fall 2019 Move-Out

The information below is for residents not returning to on-campus housing at Colleges Nine and Ten for Winter Quarter 2020.

If you are looking for information on leaving for Winter Break but are approved to return for Winter Quarter 2020, please refer to our Winter Break information.

All residents who will no longer be enrolled at UCSC after fall quarter will need to move out of their rooms no later than Saturday, December 14th at 12:00PM Noon. This includes:

  • Graduating students
  • Students who will be studying abroad
  • Visiting EAP students
  • UCDC and other exchange program students
  • Students who are withdrawing or taking leaves of absence

If you fall into one of these categories, or otherwise have prior approval from the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office, you will be checked out of housing once you've completed the following steps.

  1. Be sure you have signed a Housing Contract Cancellation form in the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office. This is required in order to move out. If you have not done this yet, visit the Housing Office to do so between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

  2. Move out of your room no later than 12:00pm Noon Saturday, December 14th, unless you have applied for and received a short term extension*.


The Move Out procedure is as follows:


  1. Completed the Housing Contract Cancellation form in the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office. 

  2. Before checking out of your room, please ensure:

    • You have removed all personal belongings from inside drawers, desks, closets, etc.

    • All trash and recycling has been removed and placed in the designated dumpster.

    • Your space has been thoroughly cleaned, dusted and vacuumed, drawers and tabletops wiped clean.

    • All posters, wall hangings, tape residue, etc. are removed from the walls, ceilings, etc.

    • All original furniture is in the room and arranged in its original state.

  3. Schedule a time with your RA to complete a Residence Hall Room Condition Form or an Apartment Condition Form.
    • Once you and your RA have completed your checkout, return your key to the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office. If your key is not returned, you will be charged the cost of changing the lock on the room.


If the above items are not completed, you may be charged cleaning or improper checkout fees.  

*Fall Housing Contract Extension Requests:

A limited number of pre-approved students will be allowed to remain in residence through Monday, December 16th 8:00am. To apply for an extension, you must log in to studenthousing.ucsc.edu and follow the link for fall quarter housing contract extensions.

  • Deadline to apply for an extension is Friday, December 6th
  • Not every request will be approved, so please wait for confirmation before you make travel plans.
  • If approved, you will receive an approval confirmation email. You must have received approval before Friday, December 14th in order to be allowed to stay. Be prepared to show your approval email to staff in the event you are asked for it.  
  • If you are found in your room after 12:00pm Noon on Saturday, December 14th and have not been previously approved for an extension, you will be escorted off campus.