Spring Programming Assistant Job Description

The Spring Programming Assistant (SPA) is part of the College Nine and College Ten Programs & Activities Team and works under the general supervision of the College Programs Coordinator (CPC). Working with the CPC and the Assistant CPC, the Spring Programing Assistant helps to plan and implement the College Nine and College Ten Commencement Ceremonies. The Spring Programming Assistant serves as the first point of contact between the Activities Office and prospective graduates and is heavily involved in the creation and implementation of commencement related materials.

The UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH)Policy requires all employees to inform Title IX of any report of sexual harassment or sexual violence they receive from anyone affiliated with the University.

Please refer to the online job description from the Career Center's Employee Request System for more details. Search for ER# 3556 under either work-study or non work-study.

The 2019 recruitment period will begin Friday, October 25. Completed applications (including a completed Career Center application (ER# 3556), a supplemental application and two reference forms) are due Friday, November 15 at 12pm.



Employment Period

The employment period begins at the start of Winter Quarter and ends after the Commencement Ceremonies at the end of Spring Quarter. The Commencement Assistant appointment is for two quarters only. Employment is contingent on student’s academic and judicial standing.



The SPA position is classified at the SAIII rate and will receive hourly compensation based on the SAIII rate (2019: $12.50/hour). For more information, please check this job posting at the Career Center website.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Serves as a primary point of contact between the Activities Office and prospective graduates. This includes checking assigned mailbox, sending emails to the graduating class and responding to replies, contacting select graduates by phone and/ or answering questions in person. The ability to communicate clearly and diplomatically to students, faculty, staff and parents/family members is key.
  • Responsible for maintaining and organizing databases in Excel. The Commencement Assistant is in charge of the production of various commencement related materials (signs, scrolls, documents, etc.).
  • Works in collaboration with the CPC and Assistant CPC to accomplish various other commencement-related tasks as needed.
  • Works in collaboration with the Activities Office student leadership team to create other non-commencement programming for the Activities Office.


Important Dates

Mandatory Winter Activities Office Training, TBD

College Nine and College Ten Commencements, TBD (traditionally the Sunday after Spring Quarter Finals.)

*Dates are subject to change.


Academic Requirements

  • Must be a UCSC student with a minimum of one (1) quarter of experience.
  • Must remain in good academic standing throughout the period of employment.
  • Must maintain a full academic course load during the employment period.
  • May not enroll in more than 17 units per quarter.
  • May not be a participant in this year’s Commencement Ceremonies.


Judicial Standing

  • Must be in good judicial standing and not have any outstanding judicial issues.
  • Must maintain good judicial standing through the entire employment period.


Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrate experience planning, implementing large-scale programs and events.
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational and time management skills to meet various deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and in community with others in a team capacity.
  • Able to exemplify qualities of being a student leader and role model.
  • Effective communication and listening skills.
  • Respectful of other people’s race, culture, religion, national origin, gender, experience, age, sexual orientation, ability, political choice and individuality.
  • Outside activities/ jobs should not exceed 10 hours per week without prior approval from the College Programs Coordinator (CPC). This is especially important in the Spring Quarter, when the Spring Programming Assistant’s workload increases.
  • Must be able to work through Commencement Weekend - usually the weekend after Spring Quarter Finals.
  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign and other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite are preferred.
  • Prior experience in activity or program planning is preferred.
  • Candidates from College Nine and College Ten are preferred.
  • Candidates with knowledge of the College Nine and College Ten communities are preferred.
  • Candidates with work study are preferred.


Knowledge and Skills Essential for Success

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite is required
  • Basic office skills: computers and applications, copiers, fax, etc.
  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign is highly preferred