GLAD Students Make Water Pasteurization Indicators

January 08, 2017


Global Leadership and Development (GLAD) is a program for College Nine students who wish to explore College Nine’s theme of International and Global Perspectives. GLAD members talk about issues such as global warming, gender equality, race relations, and many other pressing issues. This club also allows GLAD members to hone their leadership skills and use what they learned towards future leadership positions in their UCSC careers.

At the end of the quarter, GLAD members put their leadership skills to the test with a collaborative project. This year’s project entails GLAD members making WAPIs (Water Pasteurization Indicators), which are tools used to help people in developing countries who do not have access to clean water. Making a WAPI only costs 30 cents and will be a great help in allowing people to obtain clean water. On November 30th from 5-6:30pm GLAD members and other students from College Nine/Ten helped make 75 WAPIs at Namaste Lounge. These WAPIs will go to a maternity ward in Afghanistan via a partnership with the Fresno Rotary Club. Thanks to the efforts of everyone who came to that night!