CLNI 85 Global Action Final Project: Sewing & Literacy in Southern India

June 05, 2017

Women show clothes they made through projectThroughout winter quarter 2017, the Global Action students worked on a fundraiser in partnership with a rural village and university in Southern India. This Badigam Village and Centurion University collaboration was a two year project that started with the Global Action class in 2016. 
In 2016 the class raised funds for a sewing and literacy project which resulted in 8 sewing machines and a night school instructor for the villagers that was administered by Centurion University.  The 2017 Global Action class raised funds to build an educational center to house the sewing and literacy project. 
This year, each section of Global Action held mini-fundraisers that then culminated in an event titled Slug Superstars, featuring live music, dance, Indian crafts, food and educational displays about the sewing and literacy program. The students raised approximately $2,000 and the building of the educational center in Badigam Village has begun. This summer, several students from the Global Action class will be participating in an  international field study in partnership with Badigam Village and Centurion University so they can see for themselves how the project they help to fund is unfolding. 
Woman counting in classroom