iFloor: A unique living and learning community that supports residents to become active and engaged global citizens.


The iFloor is a residence hall floor of a mix of international first-year students and US first-year students who apply to live in this intentional intercultural community housed within the College Nine residence halls.  This is a unique community which offers residents opportunities to make meaningful, lifelong friendships and connections that extend beyond borders.

The iFloor is founded on the belief that the best way of forming intercultural friendships and fostering international understanding is through working, living, studying, and socializing with people from different backgrounds.  Each room is made up of a diverse set of students from various cultural backgrounds.  The RA along with residents, organize many special events designed to create a vibrant living and learning environment where all students are connected to one another.

The iFloor is based on the premise that residents engage in their community and are active participants in a wide variety of programming efforts related to international and global perspectives.  In order to be selected, students will apply for housing and will be asked to fill out a supplemental application that will help to demonstrate their interest and ability to actively contribute to this floor.   

Students must attend a day-long retreat during the first weekend of the quarter. More details will be shared once selected for this community. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will increase their intercultural understanding and awareness.
  2. Students will develop leadership skills related to the theme of College Nine: International and Global Perspectives.
  3. Students will become active, engaged and competent global citizens.
  4. Students will increase their intercultural competency in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, and social norms.
  5. Students will gain knowledge, skills, abilities that can make a positive difference in the world.
  6. Students will have the opportunity to express and explore their own identity and to build an understanding of others’ identities.
  7. Students will participate in at least one program that is aimed at intercultural awareness each quarter.
  8. Students will attend a day-long retreat at beginning of Fall quarter in order to increase awareness of theme.

To learn more about the iFloor please read our flyer and watch this video!