Residence Halls

All three College Nine Residence Halls are set among multi-trunk deciduous trees on a large, sunny knoll surrounding a landscaped plaza. Each bedroom has access to ResNet to provide free wireless Internet access.

The College Nine Residence Halls have the following room types:

  • Single 
  • Triples (most available)
  • Large Triples
  • Quads

 Each bedroom has a wireless internet connection. Residents are provided with an extra long twin mattress bed (80” x 36” x 6”), chest of drawers, closet, wastebasket, bookshelf, desk and a chair. Residents are encouraged to bring a desk lamp for their bedroom. All rooms are carpeted and have blinds, a soft fluorescent overhead light, and a heater. All residence halls are completely smoke-free.

College Nine staff encourages students to create a positive experience through utilizing campus resources.  It is important that students feel comfortable in bringing forth student-initiated projects.  We are committed to facilitating a process in which students can have a richer and fuller experience at College Nine. One example of this is the residence hall building names.  In 2005, a group of College Nine students felt that College Nine residence halls should have names that reflect our theme of International & Global Perspectives.  In winter of 2006, these same students, along with College Nine staff, began the process of naming our buildings.  Students had an opportunity to submit possible names, among these suggested names, the College Nine student body were able to vote on the final three which in turn became the names for the College Nine residence halls.  The names that students selected were Hague House, Gandhi House, and Geneva House.  The meaning behind the names are as follows:

Hague House (RH 1)- The name Hague represents the idea of international peace and unity through the formation of peace treaties and international law.  Hague in the Netherlands has become a symbol for international peace and cooperation through historical treaties such as the Hague Conventions.        

Gandhi House (RH 2)- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian activist who fought for India’s Independence from Britain through using the idea of Non-Violent Pacifism.  Gandhi was born October 2nd, 1869 and was assassinated on January 30, 1948.  He was 78 when he died.  Gandhi’s non-violent activist approach later became a significant strategy of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Geneva House (RH 3)- Considered the second most populated city in Switzerland, Geneva is considered a global city.  It is one of the financial centers of Europe and considered home to many international organizations such as the United Nations and Red Cross.  Geneva is considered the center for international diplomacy and cooperation.

When applying to the residence halls, students can choose between single-gender or mixed-gender residence halls, in which members of all genders live in the same hall or floor. Bathrooms may be mixed-gender, while bedrooms are single-gender spaces. There are two common bathrooms, consisting of toilets, sinks, and showers on each floor of the residence halls. All toilet stalls have locking doors and all showers have a ceiling to floor curtain as well as a changing stall with a ceiling to floor curtain.

Please visit for more information on applying to the residence halls at College Nine.